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ai – The place to Save Well being on Character with Habits Tree – UE5

I’ve regarded however havn’t been capable of finding a the workflow for this looking on-line.

I’ve an NPC, with a conduct tree. Proper now it simply strikes across the map. It is purported to have a well being variable, which triggers one thing to occur when its well being is at 0. ‘Well being’ is decreased when the participant shoots a ray solid at it.

I am unable to search out the place/ place this.

I’ve tried storing the ‘well being’ within the Character, the Controller, and in a Blackboard.

Storing it within the Blackboard permits the conduct tree ‘Duties’ to switch it, however then it could’t be triggered to vary by an ‘On Any Harm’ within the NPC Character/Controller. I can put it within the Character, however then the tree or its duties can not seem to entry it.

Sorry if that is imprecise, I am misplaced. This feels prefer it ought to be easy.

TLDR, all I want is a variable saved within the NPC Character which the behaviour tree or its duties can react to. Easy, no? Cannot determine how personally.



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