The sport is you’re a monster coach in “3D” (I’m going with WildPet(WP) for the sport and the monsters). In battle with one different WP, you give the WildPets instructions which might be tactical like hit a field with hearth assault) and one the WP could not observe the command and two the assault could miss. I’m considering to simplify the sport with easy far or shut distance. I’m considering that the instructions might merely resolved within the background as math equation with mixed textual content and visible description of the decision. You could have a Firemon versus a Rockmon in a battlefield with bins close to the Rockmon. You give a direct fireblast towards bins command and it does maths ie. Is (probability of following command) occasions (probability of fireblast hitting) higher than 0.5 then it hits and arbitrary animation happens to point out the consequence and harm. I might assume this extra advantageous than the sophisticated technique of programming a classy physics engine to deal with all kinds of eventualities however is it?